How to Make Combat Terrain

It's no secret that great D&D combat involves more than rolling attack and damage dice. Adding dynamic terrain components has been suggested by everyone that's shared their tips on tabletop combat. Without examples, this platitude often falls flat for new DMs looking to spice up their game. Let's explore some different examples of terrain elements … Continue reading How to Make Combat Terrain


Railroad vs. Sandbox

The greatest false dilemma in roleplaying games: the railroad vs. the sandbox. While you may discover that your style is more narrative or improvisational, this is not a choice you need to make as a Dungeon Master. The Railroad. The "railroad" is a pejorative term that insinuates the DM has sacrificed player agency to push the … Continue reading Railroad vs. Sandbox

Pact of the Genie Warlock Subclass Release and Build Notes

I've heard some rumblings lately from players who want a Pact of the Genie subclass for the Warlock. I'm happy to oblige. Introducing via the DM's Guild: Pact of the Genie Build Notes I started this build by taking a look at genies and what they have to offer. Since each genie (Dao, Djinn, Efreet, … Continue reading Pact of the Genie Warlock Subclass Release and Build Notes

Flanking: A Side View

Flanking is an optional rule in the D&D Dungeon Master's Guide that grants players advantage when their characters attack opposite sides of an enemy. This optional rule can enhance tactical aspects of your game. Understanding more about how this affects different characters can help you decide when to use flanking in your campaign. If you're a player who knows your DM employs the flanking rule, this may help you avoid some pitfalls.