Should Everyone Get a Feat at Level 1?

Dungeons & Dragons players are choosing Humans to realize their character concept, when they really want to be playing other races. A study by FiveThirtyEight showed that Humans are by far the most common racial selection, based a sample of online characters made on the online platform D&D Beyond during its first month. This phenomenon can be … Continue reading Should Everyone Get a Feat at Level 1?


The Dark Sun Mystic

What have D&D designers said about the Mystic? In his recent Reddit AMA, Dungeons and Dragon's Creative Director Mike Mearls indicated (4x) that the Mystic needs a conceptual rebuild: "...mystic depends on a deeper revision to give it a clearer identity, driven by settings like Dark Sun and what it would need." "Moving the mystic … Continue reading The Dark Sun Mystic

Building a Homebrew Spellcaster

Homebrew Spellcaster Template Click the link for a spellcaster template prefilled with spell progression, spell known ranges, cantrip known ranges, ability score improvements, "dead levels"  for new spell level access, and the full Class Features and Spellcasting text in fillable format. Click "Source" in the top-right to add your own info, then copy it to … Continue reading Building a Homebrew Spellcaster