Dual Wielder vs. ASI

Since Two-Weapon Fighting (TWF) only allows you to make an off-hand attack if both the weapons you wield are light, many new players are tempted by the allure of upgrading that damage die with the Dual Wielder feat. Often an Ability Score Improvement (ASI) to your attack stat is the more effective and versatile choice. … Continue reading Dual Wielder vs. ASI


Don’t Do DC Increases

Scaling up Difficulty Class (DC) on successive checks is a bad idea. Some DMs like to increase DCs on successive attempts, dissatisfied with the relative ease of a standard skill check (or saving throw). However, doing this has drawbacks which you can see in action on the DC Increase Chart.

How Strong is Elven Accuracy?

Elven Accuracy gives you "super advantage" via a mechanic that lets you select the best of three dice rolls when you have advantage on an attack. This is widely regarded as a very strong, if not broken, feat. The truth is that the "super advantage" part of the feat doesn't do that much, because already having advantage is normally good enough.