Weapon Mods: +1d4 damage

Tired of the same old +1 weapons? Consider adding a more magical touch! For the low cost of one d4, you can add a little elemental spice to your next homebrew magic item! After all, players love rolling dice. We're taking a look at the power of a +1d4 modification, compared to standard +1/+2/+3 weapons.


You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Weapon

Natural weapons are weapons that are "built in" to a player character race. We're taking a look at how the D&D designers have built natural weapons through the history of 5th Edition and making a template of our own.

Meat Grinder Death Saves

In honor of Joe Manganiello's recent appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Show, let's dive into the mechanics of death saves. While we explored ways to make death more interesting back in January, we'll explore the mechanics of death saves in this issue, while comparing them to Tomb of Annihilation's Meat Grinder mode. Death Saves Death … Continue reading Meat Grinder Death Saves

Running for High Perception Characters

Player Characters with high perception bonuses can be a bane to DMs who are unequipped to deal with them. Let's explore the odds and different ways to manage high perception. High Perception Characters As arguably the most useful skill, Wisdom (Perception) is a natural proficiency investment for any character. This is especially true for skill-monkey … Continue reading Running for High Perception Characters